Tottel sig. Aaiiir

[sig. Aaiiir]

An other forme his godly wisdome toke, Such in effect as writeth Ouides boke. +(5) As on the earth no liuing wight can tell. That mighty Ioue did loue the quene so well. For had he come in golden garmentes bright, Or so as men mought haue starde on the sight: Spred had it bene both through earth and ayre, (10) That Ioue had loued the lady Europa fayre. And then had some bene angry at the hart, And some againe as ielous for their part. Both which to stop, this gentle god toke minde, To shape him selfe into a brutish kinde. (15) To such a kinde as hid what state he was, And yet did bring him what he sought to passe. To both their ioyes, to both their comfort soon, Though knowen to none, til al the thing was don In which attempt if I the like assay, (20) To you to whom I do my selfe bewray: Let it suffice that I do seke to be, Not counted yours, and yet for to be he.

The louer disceiued by his loue
repenteth him of the true
loue he bare her. +

I That Ulysses yeres haue spent, To finde Penelope : Finde well that folly I haue ment, To seke that was not so. (5) Since Troylous case hath caused me, From Cressed for to go. And to bewaile Ulysses truth, In seas and stormy skies, Of wanton will and raging youth, (10) Which me haue tossed sore: From Scilla to Caribdis cliues, Upon the drowning shore. Where I sought hauen, there found I hap, From daunger vnto death: (15) Much like the Mouse that treades the trap, In hope to finde her foode,