PhoenixNest sig. O3v

[sig. O3v]

And as a ball, on Marble floore they plaied, With force confounded.
The brand that burnt, old Pryams Towne to asshes, Now first his operation, wants it than, (35) The darts that Emerald skies in peeces dasshes, Skornd by a woman.
Thus while I saide, she toward me arriued, And with a tutch of triumph, neuer doubted, To teare the vaile, that vse of sight bereaued, (40) So Loue was louted.
The vaile of error, from mine eies bereaued, I sawe heauens hope, and earth hir treasurie, Well maist thou erre said I, I am deceiued, Bent to pleasure thee.
(45) Cease haples man, my succors to importune, Shee onely shee, my stratagemes repelleth, Vainly endeuor I, to tempt hir Fortune, That so excelleth.
Content thee man, that thou didst see and suffer, (50) And be content, to suffer, see, and die, And die content, bicause thou once didst mooue hir, She displeasd thereby.
And herewithall I left the man a dyeng, For by his passions I perceiu’d none other, (55) I hie me thus asham’d with speedie flyeng, To tell my Mother.