PhoenixNest sig. O3r

[sig. O3r]

I Pray thee Loue, say, whither is this posting, +Since with thy deitie first I was acquainted, I neuer saw thee thus distracted coasting, With countenance tainted.
(5) Thy conquering arrowes broken in thy quiuer, Thy brands that woont the inward marrow sunder, Fireles and forceles, all a peeces shiuer, With mickle wonder.
That maketh next my staylesse thoughts to houer, (10) I cannot sound this vncouth cause of beeing, The vaile is torne that did thy visage couer, And thou art seeing.
A stranger, one (quoth Loue) of good demerit, Did sute and seruice to his Soueraine proffer, (15) In any case she would not seeme to heare it, But scornd the offer.
And very now vpon this Maying morrow, By breake of day, he found me at my harbour, I went with him, to vnderstand his sorrow, (20) Vnto hir Arbour
Where he Loue torments dolefully vnfolded, With words, that might a Tigers hart haue charmed, His sighes and teares, the mountaine yee had moulted, And she not warmed.
(25) Hir great disdaine against hir Louer proued, Kindled my brand, that to hir brest I seated, The flame betweene hir paps, them often moued. Nor burnt, nor heated.
My arrowes keene I afterward assaied, (30) Which from hir brest without effect rebounded.