PhoenixNest sig. N4r

[sig. N4r]

S Weete Violets (Loues paradice) that spred +Your gracious odours, which you couched beare, Within your palie faces, Vpon the gentle wing of some calme breathing winde, (5) That plaies amidst the plaine, If by the fauour of propicious stars you gaine, Such grace as in my Ladies bosome place to finde, Be prowd to touch those places, And when hir warmth your moisture forth doth wear, (10) Whereby hir daintie parts are sweetly fed, Your honors of the flowrie meads I pray, You pretie daughters of the earth and Sun, With milde and seemly breathing straight display, My bitter sighes that haue my hart vndoon.
(15) Vermilion Roses that with new daies rise, Display your Crimsen folds fresh looking faire, Whose radiant bright, disgraces The rich adorned raies of Roseat rising morne, (Ah) if hir virgins hand (20) Doe pluck your pure, ere Phoebus view the land, And vaile your gracious pomp in louely natures scorne, If chaunce my Mistres traces, Fast by your flowres to take the Sommers aire, Then wofull blushing tempt hir glorious eies, (25) To spread their teares Adonis death reporting, And tell Loues torments sorowing for hir frend, Whose drops of blood within your leaus consorting Report faire Venus mones withouten end.
Then may remorse (in pitying of my smart) (30) Drie vp my teares, and dwell within hir hart.

A Vrora now, began to rise againe, +From watrie couch, and from old Tithons side, In hope to kisse vpon Acteian plaine, Yong Cephalus , and through the golden glide, +