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Yet what is Loue, I pray thee say, (20) It is a yea, it is a nay, A pretie kinde of sporting fray, It is a thing will soone away:Then take the vantage while you may, And this is Loue, as I heare say.
(25) Yet what is Loue I pray thee shoe, A thing that creepes, it cannot goe, A prize that passeth to and fro, A thing for one, a thing for mo, And he that proues must finde it so, (30) And this is Loue (sweet friend) I troe.

The description of Iealousie. +

A Seeing + friend, yet enimie to rest, A wrangling passion, yet a gladsom thought, A bad companion, yet a welcom guest, A knowledge wisht, yet found too soone vnsought, (5) From heauen supposde, yet sure condemn’d to hell, Is Iealousie, and there forlorne doth dwell.
And thence doth send fond feare and false suspect, To haunt our thoughts bewitched with mistrust, Which breedes in vs the issue and effect, (10) Both of conceits and actions far vniust, The griefe, the shame, the smart, wherof doth proue, That Iealousie’s both death and hell to Loue.
For what but hell moues in the iealous hart, Where restles feare works out all wanton ioyes, (15) Which doth both quench and kill the louing part, And cloies the minde with worse than knowne annoyes, Whose pressure far exceeds hells deepe extreemes, Such life leads Loue entangled with misdeemes.