PhoenixNest sig. N1v

[sig. N1v]

(55) Wainde from my will, and thus by triall taught, How for to holde, all fortune in regard, Though heere I boast, a knowledge deerely bought, Yet this poore gaine, I reape for my reward, I learne hereby, to harden and prepare, (60) A readie minde, for all assaults of care.
Whereto, as one, euen from my cradle borne, And not to looke for better to ensue, I yeeld my selfe, and wish these times outworne, That but remaine, my torments to renue, (65) And leaue to those, these daies of my despite, Whose better hap, may liue to more delite.

A description of Loue. +

N Ow what is Loue, I praie thee tell, It is that fountaine and that well, Where pleasure and repentance dwell, It is perhaps that sauncing bell, +(5) That tols all in to heauen or hell, And this is Loue as I heare tell.
Yet what is Loue, I praie thee saie? It is a worke, on holie daie, It is December matcht with Maie, (10) When lustie blouds in fresh araie, Heare ten months after of the plaie, And this is Loue as I heare saie.
Yet what is Loue, I praie thee saine? It is a Sunshine mixt with raine, (15) It is a tooth ache, or like paine, It is a game, where none doth gaine,The Lasse saith no, and would full faine, And this is Loue, as I heare saine.