PhoenixNest sig. M4r

[sig. M4r]

Whom rigorouslie, the hedsman onward driueth To shamefull death, most heauily afflicted.
I onely liue, when I behold your shining, (10) Bright stars, rare lights, sweete authors of my gladnes, Absent from you, my hart in sorrow pining, Doth feede on teares, on anguish, griefe, and sadnes.
Then maruell not, if I desire accesse, Vnto the fountaine of my happines.

T O shun the death, my rare and chosen Iuell, +That couertly, within your eies soiourneth, I flie, and flying feele the fire, more cruell, Wherewith offended, loue my spirits burneth.
(5) A death most painfull, and the paine more bitter, Then I returne, resolued in opinion, Since I must die, neere, or farre of, tys fitter, To end my life, within hir eies dominion.
O then displaie (faire Eies) your influence, (10) That I, into the deeper flames ascending, Fall soone to ashes, by hir excellence, And better be contented with my ending.
And all remooued, that my quiet hinders, Rake vp both loue, and life, within those cinders.

O F all the woes my pensiue hart endureth, +It greeues me most, when I my sorrowes frame, I knowe not what, this wretchednes procureth, Nor whereupon I am to cast the blame.
(5) The fault is not in hir, for well I see, I am vnworthy of hir grace, in this,