PhoenixNest sig. M2v

[sig. M2v]

But now the clouds of sorrow ouergoes Your glorious skies, wherewith I am affrighted.
For I that haue my life and fortunes placed, (10) Within the ship, that by those planets saileth, By enuious chaunce, am ouermuch disgraced, Seeing the Loadstar of my courses faileth.
And yet content to drowne, without repining, To haue my stars affoord the world their shining.

C Ease restles thoughts, surcharg’d with heauines, +Loue, fortune, and disdaine, with their endeuer, The forces of my life will soone disseuer, Without the sting of your vnquietnes.
(5) And thou oh hart, guiltie of my distresse, To harbor these faire foes, doost still perseuer, Whereby thou shewst false traitor, thou hadst leuerTheir conquest, than mine ease and happines.
In thee, Loues messengers haue taken dwelling, (10) Fortune in thee, hir pompe triumphant spreadeth, Disdaine hath spent on thee, hir bitter swelling, Thus thou the root, from whence my woes proceedeth.
Cease then vain thoughts, no more my sorows double. Loue, fortune, and disdaine, ynough of trouble.

T Hinking vpon the name, by Loue engraued, +Within my hart, to be my liues directer, The value of the whole entirely saued, I reade vpon the sillables this lecter, (5) Maruell, the first into my spirits soundeth, And maruelling at hir, the maruell woundeth.