PhoenixNest sig. M2r

[sig. M2r]

Mine eies, behold the beautie raignes in hir, Speake toong of hir, that nothing is but wonder, (15) To honor hir, my spirits onely stir, Serue hir my hart, or hart deuide asunder: And life, liue in the fauor she hath showne, Whereby thou hast more stength than was thine owne.
Mistres, this grace, vnto your seruant giue, (20) Thus for to liue, or not at all to liue.

N Arcissus neuer by desire distressed, +Elected for the solace of his dwelling, The diuers coullerd Medowe liuely dressed, And fed with currant fresh, of waters swelling.
(5) The while he liues in libertie, thrise blessed, Loue sees, and enuieth his life excelling, And in the waters streight, a shape expressed, The poyson of his life, and freedomes quelling.
So carelesse I, that romed foorth vnarmed, (10) Not dreading Loue, who watches rebels narrow, No sonner sawe hir eies, than inlie warmed, With vnperceiued flames within the marrow.
And yet of both, my selfe most deepely harmed, With waters he? I with a burning arrow, (15) He drown’d in waues, the which his teares did cherish, I liue in fire, and die; and yet not perish.

T He firmament, with golden stars adorned, +The Saylers watchfull eies, full well contenteth, And afterward with tempest ouerspred, The absent lights of heauen, he sore lamenteth.
(5) Your face, the firmament of my repose, Long time haue kept, my waking thoughts delighted,