PhoenixNest sig. M1v

[sig. M1v]

(15) The subtile ayre, contents another sort, And other some by taste and touch of fire, +If such can liue with things of small delight, Much more should I, enioying of your sight,

S Et me where Phoebus heate, the flowers slaieth, +Or where continuall snowe withstands his forces, Set me where he his temprate raies displaieth, Or where he comes, or where he neuer courses.
(5) Set me in Fortunes grace; or else discharged, In sweete and pleasant aire, or darke and glooming, Where daies and nights, are lesser, or inlarged, In yeeres of strength, in failing age, or blooming.
Set me in heauen, or earth, or in the center, (10) Lowe in a vale, or on a mountaine placed, Set me to daunger, perill, and aduenture, Graced by Fame, or infamie disgraced.
Set me to these, or anie other triall, Except my Mistres anger and deniall.

I sawe the eies, that haue my seeing bounde, +I harde the toong, that made my speech to staie, Hir wit, my thoughts did captiue and confounde, And with hir graces, drew my life away, (5) Vnto hir life, in whom my sences liues, My spirit vp himselfe, for tribute giues.
She sawe mine eies, and they recouer’d light, She spake to me, and I had powre to speake, She graced me, and I regained spright, (10) She freed my hart, that readie was to breake, My life, that erst beginning had in me, Now by hir being, doth begin to be.