PhoenixNest sig. M1r

[sig. M1r]

To baite thine eies thereon, is losse of sight, (20) To thinke of it, confounds thy senses quite.
Kisses the keies, to sweete consuming sin, Closings, Cleopatras adders at thy brest, Fained resistance then she will begin, And yet vnsatiable in all the rest, (25) And when thou doost vnto the act proceede, The bed doth grone, and tremble at the deede.
Beautie, a siluer dew that falls in May, Loue is an Egshell, with that humor fild, Desire, a winged boy, comming that way, (30) Delights and dallies with it in the field, The firie Sun, drawes vp the shell on hie, Beautie decaies, Loue dies, desire doth flie.
Vnharmd giue eare, that thing is hap’ly caught, +That cost some deere, if thou maist ha’t for naught.

A S ioy of ioyes, and neuer dying blis, +Is to behold that mightie powre diuine, +Nor may we craue more blessednes than this, With face to face, to see his glorie shine, (5) So heere on earth, the onely good I finde Is your sweete sight, my whole content of minde.
If to the hart, mine eie doth truthe impart, More faire of late, than erst before you seeme, Which beautie, though it breede my endles smart, (10) Yet still I loue and worthily esteeme, And if those beames, would shine vpon me still, Then had I heauen, and happines at will.
Some things by smelling liue, as fame report, +And some the water ioy, to their desire,