PhoenixNest sig. L3r

[sig. L3r]

When Loue hath woon, where it did woo, (10) And light where it delites, Contented minde, thenceforth forgets, The frowne of former spites.

T Hough neither tears nor torments can be thought, +Nor death it selfe too deere to be sustaind, To win those ioyes so woorthie to be sought, So rare to reach, so sweete to be obtaind.
(5) Yet earnest Loue, with longing to aspire, To that which hope holds in so high regarde, Makes time delaid, a torment to desire, When Loue with hope forbeares his iust rewarde.
Then blessed hope haste on thy happie daies, (10) Saue my desire, by shortning thy dealaies.

A notable description of the World. +

O F thick and thin, light, heauie, dark and cleere, Mixtures. White, black, & blew, red, green, & purple die: Coulors. Gold, Siluer, Brasse, Lead, Iron, Tin, and Copper, Mettals. Moist aire, hot fire, cold water, earth full drie: Elements. (5) Blood, Choler, Flegme, and Melancholie by, CõplexiõsA mixed masse, a Chaos all confusde, Chaos. Such was the world, till God diuision vsde.
In framing heau’n and earth, God did diuide, The first daies light, and darkth, to night and day. 1 (10) The second, he a firmament applide, 2 Third, fruitfull earth appeerd, Seas tooke their way, 3 Fourth, Sun and Moone, with Stars in skies he fixt, 4 Fift, Fish and Foule, the Sea and land possest, 5 And God made Man, like to himselfe, the sixt: 6