PhoenixNest sig. K4v

[sig. K4v]

Mine eie, Mine eare, My hart,
To like, To learne, To loue,
Hir face, Hir tong, Hir wit,
Doth lead, doth teach, Doth moue.
Oh face, Oh tong, Oh wit,
With frownes, With checke, With smart,
Wrong not, Vexe not, Wound not,
Mine eie, Mine eare, My hart.
Mine eie, Mine eare, My hart,
To learne, To knowe, To feare,
Hir face, Hir tong, Hir wit,
Doth lead, Doth teach, Doth sweare.

C Alling to minde mine eie long went about, +T’entice my hart to seeke to leaue my brest, All in a rage I thought to pull it out, By whose deuice I liu’d in such vnrest, (5) What could it say to purchase so my grace?Forsooth that it had seene my Mistres face.
Another time I likewise call to minde, My hart was he that all my woe had wrought, For he my brest the fort of Loue resignde, (10) When of such warrs my fancie neuer thought, What could it say, when I would him haue slaine? But he was yours, and had forgone me cleane.
At length when I perceiu’d both eie and hart, Excusde themselues, as guiltles of mine ill, (15) I found my selfe was cause of all my smart, And tolde my selfe, my selfe now slay I will: But when I found my selfe to you was true, I lou’d my selfe, bicause my selfe lou’d you. +