PhoenixNest sig. K3v

[sig. K3v]

And for my light in such obscured shade, The flames shall serue, which from my hart arise.
A gowne of graie, my bodie shall attire, (10) My staffe of broken hope whereon Ile staie, Of late repentance linckt with long desire, The couch is fram’de whereon my limbes Ile lay,
And at my gate dispaire shall linger still, To let in death when Loue and Fortune will.

L Ike truthles dreames, so are my ioyes expired, +And past returne, are all my dandled daies: My loue misled, and fancie quite retired, Of all which past, the sorow onely staies. +
(5) My lost delights, now cleane from sight of land, Haue left me all alone in vnknowne waies: My minde to woe, my life in fortunes hand, Of all which past, the sorow onely staies.
As in a countrey strange without companion, (10) I onely waile the wrong of deaths delaies, Whose sweete spring spent, whose sommer wel nie don, Of all which past, the sorow onely staies.
Whom care forewarnes, ere age and winter colde, To haste me hence, to finde my fortunes folde. +

A Secret murder hath bene done of late, +Vnkindnes founde, to be the bloudie knife, And shee that did the deede a dame of state, Faire, gracious, wise, as any beareth life.
(5) To quite hir selfe, this answere did she make, Mistrust (quoth she) hath brought him to his end,