PhoenixNest sig. K3r

[sig. K3r]

O hands that conquer more than Caesars force, O wit that turns huge kingdoms vpside downe.
Then Loue be Iudge, what hart may thee withstand: Such eies, such haire, such wit, and such a hand.

P Raisd be Dianas faire and harmles light, +Praisd be the dewes, wherwith she moists the ground; Praisd be hir beames, the glorie of the night, Praisd be hir powre, by which all powres abound.
(5) Praisd be hir Nimphs, with whom she decks the woods, Praisd be hir knights, in whom true honor liues, Praisd be that force, by which she moues the floods, Let that Diana shine, which all these giues.
In heauen Queene she is among the spheares, (10) In ay she Mistres like makes all things pure,Eternitie in hir oft chaunge she beares, She beautie is, by hir the faire endure.
Time weares hir not, she doth his chariot guide, Mortalitie belowe hir orbe is plaste, (15) By hir the vertue of the starrs downe slide, In hir is vertues perfect image cast.
A knowledge pure it is hir worth to kno, With Circes let them dwell that thinke not so.

L Ike to a Hermite poore in place obscure, +I meane to spend my daies of endles doubt, To waile such woes as time cannot recure, Where none but Loue shall euer finde me out.
(5) My foode shall be of care and sorow made, My drink nought else but teares falne from mine eies,