PhoenixNest sig. K2r

[sig. K2r]

(15) See not the soyle and staine of thy disgrace, Nor recke disdaine, to doate on thy delite.
And when thou seest the end of thy reward, And these effects ensue of thine assault, When rashnes rues, that reason should regard, (20) Yet still accuse thy fortune for the fault. And crie, O Loue, O death, O vaine desire, When thou complainst the heate, & feeds the fire.

M Y first borne loue vnhappily conceiued, +Brought foorth in paine, & christened with a curse Die in your Infancie, of life bereaued, By your cruell nurse.
(5) Restlesse desire, from my Loue that proceeded, Leaue to be, and seeke your heauen by dieng, Since you, O you? your owne hope haue exceeded, By too hie flieng.
And you my words, my harts faithfull expounders, (10) No more offer your Iewell, vnesteemed, Since those eies my Loues life and liues confounders, Your woorth misdeemed.
Loue leaue to desire, words leaue it to vtter, Swell on my thoughts, till you breake that contains you (15) My complaints in those deafe eares no more mutter, That so disdaines you.
And you careles of me, that without feeling, With drie eies, behold my Tragedie smiling, Decke your proude triumphes with your poore slaues yeelding (20) To his owne spoyling.
But if that wrong, or holy truth dispised, To iust reuenge, the heauens euer moued,