PhoenixNest sig. H3v

[sig. H3v]

Each obiect of distresse, My sorrow doth expresse: (35) I doate on that which doth my hart vndoe, And honor hir that scornes to yeeld reliefe.

T. L. Gent.

A Ccurst be loue and they that trust his traines; +He tastes the fruite, whilst others toyle: He brings the lampe, we lend the oyle: He sowes distres, we yeeld him soyle: (5) He wageth warre, we bide the foyle:
Accurst be Loue, and those that trust his traines: He laies the trap, we seeke the snare: He threatneth death, we speake him faire: He coynes deceits, we foster care: (10) He fauoreth pride, we count it rare.
Accurst be Loue, and those that trust his traines, He seemeth blinde, yet wounds with Art: He vowes content, he paies with smart: He sweares reliefe, yet kils the hart: (15) He cals for truth, yet scornes desart. Accurst be loue, and those that trust his traines, Whose heauen, is hell; whose perfect ioyes, are paines.

T. L. Gent.

N Ow I finde, thy lookes were fained, +Quickly lost, and quicklie gained: Softe thy skin, like wooll of Wethers, Hart vnstable, light as feathers: (5) Toong vntrustie, subtill sighted: Wanton will with change delighted, Sirene pleasant, foe to reason: Cupid plague thee, for this treason.