PhoenixNest sig. H1r

[sig. H1r]

(75) Thou shalt harbor that I loued, I will loue that makes me wearie.
If perchaunce the Shepherd straieth, In thy walks and shades vnhaunted, Tell the Teene my hart betraieth, (80) How neglect my ioyes haue daunted.

T. L. Gent.

S Triue no more, +Forspoken ioyes to spring: Since care hath clipt thy wing: But stoope those lampes before: (5) That nurst thee vp at first, with friendly smiles, And now through scornes thy trust beguiles.
Pine away, That pining you may please; For death betides you ease: (10) Oh sweete and kinde decay; To pine and die, whilst Loue giues looking on, And pines to see your pining mone.
Dying ioyes, Your shrine is constant hart, (15) That glories in his smart: Your Tropheis are annoyes, And on your tombe, by Loue these lines are plaste, Loe heere they lie, whom scorne defaste.

T. L. Gent.

O F ceasles thoughts my mind hath fram’d his wings, +Wherewith he soares and climes aboue conceit, And midst his flight for endles ioy he sings, To spie those double lampes, whose sweete receit +