PhoenixNest sig. G4r

[sig. G4r]

(15) Force the day to be benighted; Reaue the cause of time, and creature. +
Ere the world will cease to varie: This I weepe for, this I sorrow: Muses if you please to tarie, (20) Further helpe I meane to borrow.
Courted once by fortunes fauor, Compast now with enuies curses: All my thoughts of sorrowes sauor, Hopes run fleeting like the Sourses. +
(25) Ay me wanton scorne hath maimed All the ioies my hart enioied: Thoughts their thinking haue disclaimed, Hate my hopes haue quite annoied.
Scant regard my weale hath scanted: (30) Looking coie hath forst my lowring: Nothing likte, where nothing wanted, Weds mine eies to ceasles showring.
Former Loue was once admired, Present fauor is estranged: (35) Loath’d the pleasure long desired; Thus both men and thoughts are changed.
Louely Swaine with luckie speeding, Once (but now no more) so frended: Thou my flocks hast had in feeding, (40) From the morne, till day was ended.
Drinke and fodder, foode and folding, Had my lambes and ewes togeather: I with them was still beholding, Both in warmth, and winter weather.