PhoenixNest sig. G3v

[sig. G3v]

Let teares so choake mine eies, I may not see: Let toong be mute, for to disclose my paines: Let ioyes, let hope, let all contents surcease, (60) These bitter plagues, my fancies shall increase.
No paine, no fortune shall my Loue confound: My spotles faith, my simple truth shall proue, That I my liking on no errors ground: Thus will I liue, thus will I passe my Loue: (65) Repulse, contempt, can neuer alter kinde; Loues triumph doth consist in constant minde. +
With constant minde the poore remainder gift, That Loue amongst his many spoyles hath left me, Is that which to the heauens my face shall lift, (70) Though other hope by fortune be bereft me; And if I die, this praise shall me await, My Loue was endlesse, voide of all deceit.


M Vses helpe me, sorrow swarmeth, +Eies are fraught with seas of languish, Haples hope my solace harmeth: Mindes repast is bitter anguish.
(5) Eie of daie regarded neuer, Certaine trust in world vntrustie, Flattring hope beguileth euer: Wearie olde, and wanton lustie.
Dawne of day, beholdes inthroned, (10) Fortunes darling proud and dreadles: Darksome night doth heare him moned, Who before was rich and needles.
Rob the spheare of lines vnited; Make a sudden voide in nature: