PhoenixNest sig. G2r

[sig. G2r]

Dilated thence abroad to euery part, Telling how graciouslie my loue did deale, (390) My soule and spirit swelling with this zeale, So rowsed sleepe, that he his holde forsooke, And I through surfeit of the ioy awooke.
Awaked thus, I presently perceiu’d, The vanitie and falshood of these ioyes; (395) Finding that fond illusions had deceiu’d My ouerwatched braine with idle toyes; Then I that freshly felt my first annoyes, Their woonted rage within my thoughts to keepe, Gan thus expostulate the cause with sleepe.
(400) Thou ease of harts, with burth’nous woes opprest, Thou pitier of the cares of busie daie, Thou friend to louers in their deepe vnrest, Turning their anguishes another waie, Why may not I continue with thee aie, (405) Sith that my destinie is so extreame, As not to haue my good, but in a dreame.
Why art thou not (O dreame) the same you seeme? Seeing thy visions our contentment brings; Or doe we of their woorthines misdeeme? (410) To call them shadowes that are reall things? And falslie attribute their due to wakings? O doe but then perpetuate thy sleight, And I will sweare, thou workst not by deceit.
And now the Morning entring at the glasse, (415) Made of these thoughts some intermission: Thus haue I tolde what things in dreame did passe, Vpon the former daies occasion; And whence they come in mine opinion; But whether they tell truth, or nothing lesse, (420) I shall resolue, vpon my dreames successe.