PhoenixNest sig. G1v

[sig. G1v]

But sith you doe herein my sute detest, Then grant me this, the last I shall request.
When haples Loue hath brought me to the graue, If so at any time you passe that way, (360) Where my consuming bones their buriall haue, Vouchsafe yee then for pitties sake to say, As I remember, heere my seruant lay, Long time a Louer in affection true, Whom my disdaine and rigor ouerthrew.
(365) Altho yee die (quoth she) I will not loue, And for you will not loue (said I) I die: Then presently my spirits faild to moue, Retiring backe themselues successiuelie: But when she did the signe of death espie, (370) She puld, she halde, seruant (said she) abide, Let not thy mistres be thy homicide.
If thy affections doe from Loue proceede, How canst thou die, and I thy liues life neere? If thou doost loue, and honor me indeede, (375) Why with this act dost thou defame me heere? If thou esteemst my Loue and honor deere, O liue, and see my rigour ouerthrowne, And come and take possession of thine owne.
And then vnable weeping to withholde, (380) She sundrie meanes assaies to make me liue, My brests she strikes, she rubs my temples colde, And with such vehemence of labours striue, As life vnto a Marble stone might giue: My hand at last, she amorously doth straine, (385) And with a kisse drew vp my life againe.
This new sprong ioy conceiued in my hart, Of Loues assurance vnder hand and seale,