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Let not (sweete Loue) the fault of one or few, Or sinister report of truthelesse fame, (325) Endamage the desart of him can shew Many effects repugnant to the same, Vnworthie he of life, or Louers name, Shall dare vnto hir honor, wrong, or scathe, Of whom both life, and happines he hathe.
(330) It is a proofe (said she) of foolishnes, To set that vpon chaunce which may be sure, Exempt from Loue, I liue in happines, In which condition I will yet indure: Griefes come apace, we neede not them procure: (335) In the estate I liue, I am content, And minde not Loue, in dread of discontent.
I know (quoth I) you can from Loue refraine, Bicause he holds his state within your eies: But I, the vassall of his hard disdaine, (340) Am so deiected, as I cannot rise; Albeit my sute and seruice you dispise, Yet giue me leaue to honor and admire, Your beautie which afflicteth my desire.
Ther’s little reason (said she then) to like (345) The thing which you affirme to vexe ye so, If your desire such discontentment strike, Such war, such anguish, agonies, and woe, Let that fantastike I aduise ye goe: The man is much desirous of vnrest, (350) That home intreates a knowne disquiet guest.
Excepting Loue, demaund you at my hand, What euer is in my abilitie: And may with vertue, and mine honor stand, +Ladie (said I) Loue is the Maladie, (355) And vnto Loue, Loue’s th’onely remedie: