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(290) In that you shall your seruants sute approue, And blesse him with those fauors you can showe, To higher place of dignitie you growe: The Sun were not in my opinion bright, If there were not eie witnes of his light.
(295) No abiect commons of those things he seekes, +Nor any way doth labor to induce That liues to serue and honor hir he leekes, In hope at last to make an happie truce, And for this cause all other he refuse: (300) To exercise those parts with serious care, Which to his Mistres fancie pleasing are.
But sir (quoth she) how can ye answere this? You men complaine, Loues torments to be great; Saying that he a mightie Tyrant is; (305) Such one as putteth reason from hir seat; Why wish ye to insnare me in this net? Better it is you suffer that you doe, Then such extreames should happen vpon two.
When Loue (sweete Ladie) thorowly accords, (310) The Louers and beloueds harts in one, This amitie a perfect heauen affords, Vpon the instant of this vnion: Banisht is thence all sorrow, care, and mone, For they which in conspiring Loue abide, (315) Liue with continuall ioies, vnsatisfide.
This is beleeu’d and knowne by common brute, When of vs Dames ye hap to get a graunt, You giue it to the cunning of your sute, Vsing with your companions thus to vaunt: (320) These pretie fooles, tis nothing to enchaunt: As fishers vse for fish, with fish to bait, These faire ones, so, faire speeches catches strait.