PhoenixNest sig. F3v

[sig. F3v]

(225) Were it within the compas of my wits, (Leader of my desires) thus I replide, To remedie the outrage of those fits, That from this bodie would my life diuide, The rather should these cordials be applide, (230) That I might keepe my life in health, to doe, The seruices that loue commands me to.
But out alas, that waied downe with paine, With hands erected vp, that I should crie, As doth the saylers blowne into the maine, (235) After the ship that fore the winde doth flie, And yet in sight of helpe, must helpeles die: So I, neere hir that can my woes appease, Doe perish like the outcast in the Seas.
Are you the woorser that I am so neere, (240) The Ladie said, and I not thereof ware? Nay happie then (quoth I) that you are heere, And haples too, bicause you are so farre: She aunswered hereunto, these riddles are: Can neere be far, can happy haples be? (245) As well (quoth I) as see, and not to see.
What is he (Madame) that doth baite his eies, Be he of mortall or immortall kinde, Vpon the beauties which your visage dies, And drawes not present death into his minde, (250) Vnles your gratious lookes do prooue so kinde, As with a yeelding fauour to preuent, The dangers thereunto are incident.
Can it be possible you should not knowe The powre and vertue of sweete beauties gift? (255) Can heauen and nature measureles bestowe The things that you to Angels calling lift? And you not vnderstand their purpos’d drift?