PhoenixNest sig. F3r

[sig. F3r]

Or may my kitchin any kinde of foode Deuise, that to thy taste and fancie serues, Ladie (said I) no coolice, no conserues, +(195) No herbe, no potion commeth nie that part, That suffereth this anguish and this smart.
When further I would faine haue spoken on, With fearfulnes I felt my toong restrained, And shamefastnes with red Vermilion, (200) My shallow cheekes and countenance distained: Now by this meanes my hart more deepely pained, Sent out a flood of weeping to betoken, The rest of that my toong had left vnspoken.
As soone as sighes had ouerblowne my teares, (205) And teares allaid my sighings vehemence, Audacitie expulser of those feares, Gaue to desire at last preheminence, Who saw it now to be of consequence; Sauced his tale with dutie and respect, (210) And thus began, or to the like effect.
It is no feuer (Ladie) in the vaines, Nor in the blood, of humors the excesse, Nor stomacks vapor, that annoies the braines, Nor ill contagion in the Arteries, (215) Nor any griefe that Physicke remedies: It is, &c. + and heere my lips refusde to moue, Stopping the sentence ere I came to Loue.
Haply (said she) as I doe iudge thereon, It is some toy or fancie in your head, (220) Some sicknes grounded on opinion, Or else some error your conceit hath bred: Then as suppose you to this anguish led, By mine aduice, if you list ruled be, For health sake doe suppose the contrarie.