PhoenixNest sig. F2r

[sig. F2r]

There was, as I obseru’d next to hir skin, A snowe white lawne, transparent as the aire, And ouer this a garment wondrous thin, (130) Of networke, wrought in blacke, exceeding faire; Whose masks were small, and thred as fine as haire, Girt with a tawnie Cyprous were hir clothes, And thus attirde, this Angell woman goes.
Hir mouing brests as equall Promontories, (135) Diuided by an Indraft from the maine, Doe imitate the gently moued Seas, That rising fall, and falling rise againe: As they, so did my life in euery vaine: My spirit issued as they waxed hier, (140) And as they setled, backe againe retier.
Next neighbor heerunto in due discent, Hir bellie plaine, the bed of namelesse blisse, Wherein all things appeere aboue content, And paradise is nothing more than this: (145) In which Desire was mou’d to doe amisse; For when his eies vpon this tree was cast, O blame him not, if he requirde to taste.
What followed this, I cannot well report: The tawnie Cyprous that forehanging fell, (150) Restraind mine eies in most malitious sort, Which of themselues were else affected well, Although as witnes nought thereof I tell: I doubt not those that fine conceited be, Sees somwhat further, than mine eies might see.
(155) But of hir praises thus in generall, Desirde perfection shewd in euerie part, Yet all appeerd in each one seuerall, Vnto the wonder of the eie and hart, Of euery priuate part to write apart.