PhoenixNest sig. F1v

[sig. F1v]

For smoothnes with the Iuorie compares; (95) And doth the Alablasters glistring showe, Vnder this firmament you are to know, Two powrfull stars which at their pleasure moue, The variable effects that followes loue.
Hir cheekes resembleth right a garden plot, (100) Of diuers sorts of rare Carnation flowres, The which the scortching Sun offendeth not, Nor boystrous winter with his rotting showres; Vncertaine Iuno thereon neuer lowres: +Heere Venus with hir little loues reposes, (105) Amongst the lillies and the damaske roses.
Hir lips compares with the Vermilion morne, Hir equall teeth in semicircle wise, +For orientnes+ selected pearle may scorne, What may I of hir issuing breath deuise, (110) That from this pearle and Synaber doth rise: The francumsence and myrr, that Inde presents, Within this aire leese their extolled sents. +
The nose, the chin, the straight erected necke, Supporter to the head: next shoulders stands, (115) The which discends into the arme direct, And terminates their length vpon the hands: At each of these my wits amased stands: For when I would their merits vtter foorth, I finde all words inferior to their woorth.
(120) The garments wherewithall she was attyrde, But slender in account, and yet were more Than hir perfections needfully requyrde, Whose euery part hath of contentment store: But as it was, thanks to my dreame therefore, (125) Who causde the apparition to be wrought, As all lay open to mine eies or thought.