PhoenixNest sig. F1r

[sig. F1r]

Who Motherlike, most tenderly asswages, The daies aggreeuances and damages. +
Encumbred thus, I went vnto my bed, (65) Loue knowes, with litle hope of taking rest, Fancie and frenzie worketh on my head, One while the one, then th’other gets the best: Now eithers faction egarly addrest; To hostile conflict furiously discend, (70) Of purpose strait to make a finall end.
Extremitie proceeding on so far, When eithers forces equally were spent, They stinted of themselues this raging war, And left with victorie indifferent: (75) Slumber that found the time conuenient, Seeing the slacknes of their wearied traine,Vpon th’aduantage seased on my braine.
Who holding me vnder his shadie wings, To mitigate the anguish of my thought, (80) Presented me with diuers pleasant things, Amongst the rest, a Ladie faire he brought, Frō heauen no doubt those features there are wrought, Whose raies of beautie admirable bright, Filled my chamber with a Sunshine light.
(85) Hir Amber tresses on hir shoulders lies, The which as she doth moue, diuided run, About hir bodie iust in circle wise, Like to the curious web Arachne spun; Or else to make a fit comparison, (90) Like slender twist turned to shining fire, Or flames by woonder wrought into a wire.
The forehead that confines these burnisht haires, For whitenes striueth with vntouched snowe;