PhoenixNest sig. E4r

[sig. E4r]

A most rare, and excellent Dreame, lear-
nedly set downe by a woorthy Gentleman,
a braue Scholler, and M. of Artes
in both Vniuersities.

T He while we sleepe, whereof may it proceed, Our minde is led with dreames of diuers sorts, Some fearfull things, and discontentment breede, Some merriment, and pretie idle sports, (5) And some of future things presage imports; Some wounds the conscience with the former gilt, Of outrage, wrongs, and bloud vniustly spilt.
Some strange effects if not impossible, As to be caried in the emptie aire, (10) Of transformations some incredible, From forme to forme, and of their backe repaire, Some pleasant shewes presents, and some dispaire: Some grauer things a sleeping can discusse: And other, matters meere ridiculous.
(15) Men diuersly do argue of the cause Of dreames: + Some their occasion thus recites, The while the bodie takes his needfull pause, In sleepe to fresh and to restore the sprites, Decaid by labor, or the daies delites, (20) The minde, the cogitations of the day do keepe, And run them ouer when we are asleepe.
Others our meates do charge with those effects That indigested in the stomacke lies: Other celestiall influence respects, (25) And fetch from them our sleeping fantasies; The which they recommend as Prophesies: For when our sprites are stirred with those charms, We are foretold of good or future harms.