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(15) And yet those Pawnes, can lay their traines, To catch a great man, in a trap: So that I see, sometime a groome May not be spared from his roome.

The nature of the Chesse men.

The King is stately, looking hie; The Queene, doth beare like maiestie: The Knight, is hardie, valiant, wise: The Bishop, prudent, and precise: (5) The Rookes, no raungers out of raie, +The Pawnes, the pages in the plaie.


Then rule with care, and quicke conceit, And fight with knowledge, as with force; So beare a braine, to dash deceit, And worke with reason and remorse: (5) Forgiue a fault, when yoong men plaie, So giue a mate, and go your way.
And when you plaie beware of Checke, Know how to saue and giue a necke: And with a Checke, beware of Mate; (10) But cheefe, ware had I wist too late: Loose not the Queene, + for ten to one, If she be lost, the game is gone.