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[sig. E3r]

The Bishop. +

The Bishop he is wittie braine, That chooseth Crossest pathes to pace, And euermore he pries with paine, To see who seekes him most disgrace: (5) Such straglers when he findes astraie, He takes them vp, and throwes awaie.

The Rookes. +

The Rookes are reason on both sides, Which keepe the corner houses still, And warily stand to watch their tides, By secret art to worke their will, (5) To take sometime a theefe vnseene, Might mischiefe meane to King or Queene.

The Pawnes.

The Pawne before the king, is peace, Which he desires to keepe at home, Practise, + the Queenes, which doth not cease Amid the world abroad to roame, (5) To finde, and fall vpon each foe, Whereas his mistres meanes to goe.
Before the knight, is perill plast, Which he, by skipping ouergoes, And yet that Pawne + can worke a cast, (10) To ouerthrow his greatest foes; The Bishops, prudence, prieng still, Which way to worke his masters will.
The Rookes poore Pawnes, are sillie swaines, Which seeldome serue, except by hap,