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The Chesse Play. +

Very aptly deuised by N. B. Gent.

A Secret many yeeres vnseene, In play at Chesse, who knowes the game, First of the King, and then the Queene, Knight, Bishop, Rooke, and so by name, (5) Of euerie Pawne I will descrie, The nature with the qualitie.

The King.

The King himselfe is haughtie Care, Which ouerlooketh all his men, And when he seeth how they fare, He steps among them now and then, (5) Whom, when his foe presumes to checke, His seruants stand, to giue the necke.

The Queene.

The Queene is queint, and quicke Conceit, Which makes hir walke which way she list, And rootes them vp, that lie in wait To worke hir treason, ere she wist: (5) Hir force is such against hir foes, That whom she meetes, she ouerthrowes.

The Knight.

The Knight is knowledge how to fight Against his Princes enimies, He neuer makes his walke outright, +But leaps and skips, in wilie wise, (5) To take by sleight a traitrous foe, Might slilie seeke their ouerthrowe.