PhoenixNest sig. E1v

[sig. E1v]

Soone growne and gone though somtime found, Not dead, but hid, from flattrers eie, (5) That pickthanks may not plucke the same: Thus haue I red your riddle Dame.

The third Riddle.

Within a flowre a seede there growes, Which somtime falls, but seldome springs, And if it spring, it seldome blowes, And if it blowe, no sweete it brings, (5) And therefore counted but a weede: Now gesse the flowre, and what the seede.

The Answere.

In fancies flowre is sorrowes seede, Which somtimes falls, but springs but seeld, And if it spring, tis but a weede, Which doth no sweete, nor sauor yeeld, (5) And yet the flowre, both faire and sweete, And for a Princes garden meete.

The fourth Riddle. +

Within a seede doth poison lurke, Which onely Spiders feede vpon, And yet the Bee can wisely woorke, To sucke out honie, poison gone: (5) Which honie, poison, Spider, Bee, Are hard to gesse, yet eath to see.

The Answere.

In sorrowes seede is secret paine, Which spite the Spider onely sucks, Which poison gone, then wittie braine The wilie Bee, hir honie plucks,