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Loe thus a while was curtsey to propound, +Yet in the end this order did they take, By two and two, they should sit close and round; And one begin, another answere make: (55) Whose ridling sports in order as I can, I will recite, and thus the first began.

The first Riddle. +

Within a gallant plot of ground, There growes a flowre that hath no name, The like whereof was neuer found, And none but one can plucke the same: (5) Now where this ground or flowre doth growe, Or who that one, tis hard to knowe.

The Answere.

Sister (quoth she) if thou wouldst knowe This ground, this flowre, and happie man, Walke in this garden to and fro: Here you shall see them now and than: (5) Which when you finde to your delight, Then thinke I hit your riddle right.

The second Riddle.

Within a field there growes a flowre, That decks the ground where as it growes, It springs and falls, both in an howre, And but at certaine times it showes: (5) It neuer dies, and seldome seene, And tis a Nosegay for a Queene.

The Answere.

This field is fauor, Grace the ground, +Whence springs the flowre of curtesie,