PhoenixNest sig. D4v

[sig. D4v]

Well thus I wakte and fell asleepe againe: (20) And then I fell into another vaine.
Great wars me thought grew late by strange mishap, Desire had stolne out of Dianaes traine, Hir darling deere, and laid on Venus lap, Who, Cupid sware should neuer backe againe. (25) Ere he would so loose all his harts delight, He vow’d to die, wherewith began a fight.
Diana shot, and Cupid shot againe: Fame sounded out hir trumpe with heauenly cheare: Hope was ill hurt, despite was onely slaine: (30) Diana forst in fine for to retire. Cupid caught fame, and brought hir to his frend: The trumpet ceast, and so my dreame did end.
Thus scarce awake, I fell asleepe againe, And then I was within a garden ground, (35) Beset with flowres, the allies euen and plaine: And all the banks beset with roses round, And sundrie flowres so super sweete of smell, As there me thought it was a heauen to dwell. +
Where walking long, anon I gan espie (40) Sweete pretie soules, that pluckt ech one a flowre: When from their sight I hid me by and by, Behinde a banke within a brier bowre: Where after walke, I saw them where they sat: Beheld their hues, and heard their pretie chat:
(45) Sister quoth one, how shall we spend this day? Deuise (quoth she) some pretie merie iest: Content quoth one, beshrew them that say nay: Some purposes or riddles I thinke best: Riddles cried all, and so the sport begun: (50) Forfet a fillop, she that first hath done.