PhoenixNest sig. D3v

[sig. D3v]

(5) Foure quarters squared out, + I finde in sundrie sort; Whereof according to their kindes, I meane to make report: The first, the knot of loue, drawne euen by true desier, Like as it were two harts in one, and yet both would be nier.
The herbe is calde Isop, the iuice of such a taste, (10) As with the sowre, makes sweete conceits to flie away too fast: The borders round about, are set with priuie sweete, Where neuer bird but nightingale, presumde to set hir feete.
From this I stept aside, vnto the knot of care, Which so was crost with strange conceits, as tong cannot declare: (15) The herbe was called Time, which set out all that knot: And like a Maze me thought it was, when in the crookes I got.
The borders round about, are Sauerie vnsweete: An herbe not much in my conceit, for such a knot vnmeete: From this to friendships knot, I stept and tooke the view, (20) How it was drawne, and then againe, in order how it grew.
The course was not vnlike, a kinde of hand in hand: But many fingers were away, that there should seeme to stand: The herbe that set the knot, was Pennie Riall round: And as me seem’d, it grew full close, and nere vnto the ground.
(25) And parched heere and there, so that it seemed not Full as it should haue been in deed, a perfect friendship knot: Heerat I pawsd awhile, and tooke a little view Of an od quarter drawne in beds, where herbs and flowers grew.
The flowres were buttons fine, for batchelers to beare, +(30) And by those flowres ther grew an herb, was called maiden hear.
Amid this garden ground, a Condit strange I found, Which water fetcht from sorows spring, to water al the ground: To this my heauie house, the dungeon of distresse, Where fainting hart lies panting still, despairing of redresse.