PhoenixNest sig. D3r

[sig. D3r]

constancie, doth now in hir silence put me to si-
lence, and by the glorie of hir countenance, which
disperseth the flying cloudes of vaine conceites,
commands me too with others, and to be my selfe
as she is, Semper eadem. +

The Preamble to N.B. his Garden plot. +

S Weete fellow whom I sware, such sure affected loue, As neither weale, nor woe, nor want, can from my minde re∣moue: To thee my fellow sweete, this wofull tale I tell, To let thee see the darke distresse, wherein my minde doth dwel.
(5) On loathed bed I lay, my lustlesse lims to rest, Where still I tumble to and fro, to seeke which side were best: At last I catch a place, where long I cannot lie, But strange conceits from quiet sleepes, do keep awake mine eie.
The time of yeere me seemes, doth bid me slouen rise, (10) And not from shew of sweete delight, to shut my sleepie eies: But sorrow by and by, doth bid me slaue lie still, And slug amonst the wretched souls, whom care doth seek to kil.
For sorow is my spring, which brings forth bitter teares, The fruits of friendship all forlorne, as feeble fancie feares.

A strange description of a rare Garden plot,
Written by N. B. Gent. +

M Y garden ground of griefe: where selfe wils seeds are sowne, Whereof comes vp the weedes of wo, that ioies haue ouer∣grown: With patience paled round, to keep in secret spight: And quick set + round about with care, to keepe out all delight,