PhoenixNest sig. C4v

[sig. C4v]

An excellent Dialogue betweene Constancie
and Inconstancie, as it was by speech presented
to hir Maiestie, in the last Progresse at
sir Henrie Leighes house.


M Ost excellent: shall I say Lady,
or Goddesse? whom I should
enuie to be but a Lady, and
can not denie to haue the
power of a Goddesse? vouch-
safe to acceptthe humble
thankfulnes of vs lately di-
stressed Ladies, the pride of
whose wits was iustly punish-
ed with the inconstancie of our wits; whereby we
were caried to delight, as in nothing more than
to loue, so in nothing so much as to change louers;
which punishment, though it were onely due to our
discents, yet did it light most heauily vpon those
knights, who following vs with the heate of their
affection, had neither grace to get vs, nor power to
leaue vs. Now since by that more than mortall pow-
er of your more than humane wisedome, the en-
chanted tables are read, and both they and we re-
leased, let vs be punished with more than inconstan-
cie, if we faile either to loue constantly, or to alie-
nize your memorie.


Not to be thankfull to so great a person,
for so great a benefite, might argue as little iudge-
ment, as ill nature: and therefore though it be my
place to speake after you, I will striue in thankful-
nes to go before you, but yet rather for my libertie,
bicause I may be as I list, than for any minde I haue
to be more constant than I was.


If you haue no minde to be constant, what is the
benefit of your deliuerance?