PhoenixNest sig. C3v

[sig. C3v]

(55) But raging thoughts, to quell, or few, or none, Saue vertues imps, are able champions found.
Or those whom Ioue hath lou’d? or noble of birth, So strong Alcydes, Ioues vnconquered son, Did lift Achelous bodie from the earth, +(60) To shew what deeds by vertues strength are don.
So him he foild, and put to sudden flight, By aime of wit, the foule Stimphalides? +And while we say he mastered men by might, Behold in person of this Hercules. +
(65) It liketh me to figure Chastitie, His labor like that foule vncleane desire, That vnder guide of tickling fantasie, Would mar the minde, through pleasures scorching fire.
And who hath seene a faire alluring face, (70) A lustie girle, yclad in queint aray, Whose daintie hand, makes musicke with hir lace, And tempts thy thoughts, and steales thy sense away.
Whose ticing haire, like nets of golden wyre, +Enchaine thy hart, whose gate and voice diuine, (75) Enflame thy blood, and kindle thy desire, Whose features wrap + and dazle humaine eine.
Who hath beheld faire Venus in hir pride, Of nakednes all Alablaster white, In Iuorie bed, strait laid by Mars his side, (80) And hath not bin enchanted with the sight,
To wish, to dallie, and to offer game, To coy, to court, & cætera to doe: (Forgiue me Chastnes if in termes of shame, To thy renowne, I paint what longs thereto)