PhoenixNest sig. C3r

[sig. C3r]

(25) Queene of content, and temperate desires, Choice nurse of health, thy name hight Chastitie, A soueraigne powre to quench such climing fires, As choake the minde, with smoke of infamie.
Champion at armes, re’ncounter with thy foe, (30) An enimie foule, and fearfull to behold, If then stout captaines haue bene honor’d so, Their names in bookes of memorie enrold,
For puissant strength: ye Romane peeres retire, And Greeks giue ground, more honor there is woon, (35) With chaste rebukes to temper thy desire, Than glory gaind the world to ouer run. +
Than fierce Achilles got, by Hectors spoyle, Than erst the mightie prince of Macedon, King Philips impe, that put his foes to foyle, (40) And wisht more worlds to hold him plaie than one.
Beleeue me to contend ‘gainst armies royall, To tame wilde Panthers but by strength of hand, To praise the triumph, not + so speciall, As ticing pleasures charmes for to withstand.
(45) And for me list compare with men of war, For honor of the field, I dare maintaine, This victory exceedeth that as far, As Phœbus chariot Vulcans forge doth staine.
Both noble, and triumphant in their kindes, (50) And matter woorthie queene Remembrance pen, +But that that tangles both our thoughts and mindes, To master that, is more than ouer men,
To make thy triumph. Sith to strength alone, Of body it belongs, to bruze or wound,