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The praise of Chastitie. +

Wherein is set foorth by way of comparison, how great
is the conquest ouer our affections,
by G. P. Master of Arts.

T He noble Romans whilom woonted were, For triumph of their conquered enimies, The wreathes of Laurell, and of Palme to weare, In honor of their famous victories,
(5) And so in robes of gold, and purple dight, Like bodies shrinde, in seates of Iuorie, Their names renowmde for happines in fight, They beare the guerdon of their chiualrie.
The valiant Greekes, for sacke of Priams towne, (10) A worke of manhood, matcht with policie, Haue fild the world with bookes of their renowne, As much as erst the Romane emperie.
The Phrygian knights, that in the house of fame, Haue shining armes of endles memorie, (15) By hot and fierce repulse did win the same, Though Helens rape, hurt Paris progenie. +
Thus strength hath guerdon, by the worlds award, So praise we birth, and high nobilitie, If then the minde, and bodie reape reward, (20) For natures dowre, conferred liberally.
Presse then for praise, vnto the highest roome, That art the highest of the gifts of heauen, More beautifull by wisdomes sacred doome, Than Sol himselfe, amid the Planets seauen.