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[sig. B3r]

That instrument can aptly shew, How finely our conceits will moue, (125) As Bacchus opes dissembled harts, So loue sets out our better parts. +
Stella, + a Nymph within this wood, Most rare and rich of heauenly blis, The highest in his fancie stood, (130) And she could well demerite this, Tis likely they acquainted soone, He was a Sun, and she a Moone.
Our Astrophill did Stella loue, O Stella vaunt of Astrophill, (135) Albeit thy graces gods may moue, Where wilt thou finde an Astrophill, The rose and lillie haue their prime, And so hath beautie but a time.
Although thy beautie doe exceede, (140) In common sight of eu’ry eie, Yet in his Poesies when we reede, It is apparant more thereby, He that hath loue and iudgement too, Sees more than any other doe.
(145) Then Astrophill hath honord thee, For when thy bodie is extinct, Thy graces shall eternall be, +And liue by vertue of his inke, For by his verses he doth giue, (150) To short liude beautie aye to liue.
Aboue all others this is hee, Which erst approoued in his song, That loue and honor might agree, And that pure loue will doe no wrong,