PhoenixNest sig. B2r

[sig. B2r]

So thunder rends the cloud in twaine, (60) And makes a passage for the raine. +
Incontinent with trembling sound, He wofully gan to complaine, Such were the accents as might wound, And teare a diamond rocke in twaine, (65) After his throbs did somwhat stay, Thus heauily he gan to say.
O sunne (said he) seeing the sunne, On wretched me why dost thou shine, My star is falne, my comfort done, (70) Out is the apple of my eine, Shine vpon those possesse delight, +And let me liue in endlesse night .
O griefe that liest vpon my soule, As heauie as a mount of lead, (75) The remnant of my life controll, Consort me quickly with the dead, Halfe of this hart, this sprite and will, Di’de in the brest of Astrophill.
And you compassionate of my wo, (80) Gentle birds, beasts and shadie trees, I am assurde ye long to kno, What be the sorrowes me agreeu’s, Listen ye then to that insu’th, +And heare a tale of teares and ruthe.
(85) You knew, who knew not Astrophill, (That I should liue to say I knew, And haue not in possession still) Things knowne permit me to renew, Of him you know his merit such, (90) I cannot say, you heare too much.