PhoenixNest sig. B1v

[sig. B1v]

Distinguished in od degrees, One sort in this, another that, Here Philomell , that knowes full well, (30) What force and wit in loue doth dwell.
The skie bred Egle roiall bird, Percht there vpon an oke aboue, The Turtle by him neuer stird, Example of immortall loue. +(35) The swan that sings about to dy, +Leauing Meander stood thereby. +
And that which was of woonder most, The Phœnix left sweete Arabie: And on a Cædar in this coast, (40) Built vp hir tombe of spicerie, As I coniecture by the same, Preparde to take hir dying flame.
In midst and center of this plot, I saw one groueling on the grasse: (45) A man or stone, I knew not that, No stone, of man the figure was, And yet I could not count him one, More than the image made of stone.
At length I might perceiue him reare (50) His bodie on his elbow end: Earthly and pale with gastly cheare, Vpon his knees he vpward tend, Seeming like one in vncouth stound, To be ascending out the ground.
(55) A greeuous sigh foorthwith he throwes, As might haue torne the vitall strings, Then downe his cheekes the teares so flowes, As doth the streame of many springs.