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An Elegie, or friends passion, for
his Astrophill.

Written vpon the death of the right Honorable sir Philip
Sidney knight, Lord gouernor of

A S then, no winde at all there blew, No swelling cloude, accloid the aire, The skie, like glasse of watchet hew, Reflected Phoebus golden haire, (5) The garnisht tree, no pendant stird, No voice was heard of any bird. +
There might you see the burly Beare, The Lion king, the Elephant, The maiden Vnicorne + was there, (10) So was Acteons horned plant, +And what of wilde or tame are found, Were coucht in order on the ground.
Alcides speckled poplar tree, +The palme that Monarchs doe obtaine, +(15) With Loue iuice staind the mulberie, +The fruit that dewes the Poets braine, And Phillis philbert + there away, Comparde with mirtle and the bay.
The tree that coffins doth adorne, (20) With stately height threatning the skie, And for the bed of Loue forlorne, The blacke and dolefull Ebonie, All in a circle compast were, Like to an Amphitheater. +
(25) Vpon the branches of those trees, The airie winged people sat,