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[sig. A4v]

and such assemblies.

At whose returne when his dealings were truely discus-
sed, and truth ouercame their slanders, this was the refuge of
their whispering malice: His greatnesse and smooth toong
(saie they) beares it awaie: as if Honor once lost in act, could
be hidden by greatnes, or recouered by grace and eloquence
of speech. Both which taken away by his happie death, and
our vnhappie losse, he is sithence more cleared than before.

Maruell not then at their enuie, sith, Virtutis comes inuidia, +
but detest the enuious, that thus blaspheme vertues, whom
(for mine owne part) as I see measure their rage, so will I
iudge of their affection to the state: for vndoubtedly none
but the discontented with the time, or such as he hath iustlie
punished for their lewdnesse, will thus calumniouslie inter-
pret his proceedings.

If I meant to write a discourse of this Earles life, or an
Apologie in his defence, I would proceede more orderly in
repetition of his vertues, and more effectually in answere of
their poisoned Libels: But as mine intent at first was onelie
to admonish loose toongs (such as mine eares haue glowed
to heare of) and forewarne the ouer credulous that are easily
abused, hauing finished my purpose, if it effects amendment,
I shall be glad, if not, their shames be on their owne heads.

Beseeching God this Realme feele not the want of him al-
readie dead, and greater iudgements insue for our vnthank-

LEICESTER he liu’d, of all the world admir’d, Not as a man, though he in shape exceld: But as a God, whose heauenlie wit inspir’d, Wrought hie effects, yet vertues courses held, (5) His wisdome honored his Countries name, His valure was the vangard of the same.