PhoenixNest sig. A4r

[sig. A4r]

same, by shamefull, traiterous, and vngodlie meanes, exaspe-
rating their naturall Prince and superiour Magistrates by re-
bellious and seditious Libels. These be the true tokens of an
aspiring minde, whose nature is to hinder by malice, where it
can not hurt by power.

But leauing further pursute of their malice, I will remem-
ber this Earles woorthinesse. For the first and principall ver-
tue of his vertues, his Religion, it shall be needlesse to speake
much, sith all Christendome knows he professed one Faith,
and worshipped one onely God, whom he serued in vpright-
nes of life, and defended with hazard thereof in armes and
action against his enimies. How he succoured and relieued
distressed members of the Church, I leaue to those that haue
made proofe, who ought in dutie to make relation thereof.

Next I thinke there is none that will, dare, or can impeach
his loialtie, either in fact or faith, sufficiently testified by hir
Maiesties gratious loue to whom that belonged, as also by
his dutifull and carefull seruice vnto hir. So as further narra-
tion thereof shall not neede.

His wisedome by the grauitie of his place, the causes he
managed, and the cariage of his person, is approoued not
onely vnto vs, but to most nations of the world.

Lastlie of his valour and affection to his Countries peace,
no honest minde but is satisfied: whereof what greater testi-
monie can we require than the trauels his aged bodie + vnder-
tooke, and dangers the same was subiect vnto in the warres
of the Low Countries, where he voluntarily offered his per-
son in combate against the deuoted enimies of this state and
hir Maiestie. Leauing his Wife, + possessions, and home, not
regarding his safetie, riches, and ease, in respect of the godly,
honourable, and louing care he bare the common quiet.

All which the vngratefull Malecontents of this time, on
whome any thing is ill bestowed (much more the trauels of
so memorable a Noble) spared not to reproch: Hyring the
toongs of runawaies and roges, such as neither feare God
nor the diuell, or are woorth a home, to proclaime hatefull
and enuious lies against him, in alehouses, faires, markets,