PhoenixNest sig. A3v

[sig. A3v]

of dishonor) they forg millions of impieties, abusing the
people by their diuelish fictions, and wicked wresting of his
actions, all to bring his vertues & person in popular hatred.

Which though he during his life meekely bare as a man
vntouched, without publishing defence of his innocencie.
Yet because the toongs of men irritated to enuie by the in-
struments of those libellors, being without feare of control-
ment, sith his death are become ouer scandalous and at too
much libertie. It shall not be amisse to perswade more mo-
destie and pietie of speech.

And for as much as I perceiue the greatest and most gene-
rall obiection they haue to blemish his honor, is but an opi-
nion of his ambition a aspiring minde, wherewith the
capitall and cardinall Libellor + of them all hath cunninglie
infected the ignorant that knew not the state of his honors:
Let vs see how he may iustly be touched.

Did he euer assume vnto himselfe anie vaine or vnlawfull
tytle, or was vnsatiate of rule? Did he purchase his honors
otherwise than by his vertues, or were they so extraordina-
rie, as nowe or in times past the haue not beene equaled in
others inferior vnto him in condition of birt and more in
desart? If not? I maruell the father of this pestilent inuenti-
on blush not as red as his cap, + and his children be not asha-
med of his falsehood.

Admit this woorthie Earles + and our most gratious Soue-
reigne who wisely iudged of his vertues, and worthily rewar-
ded his loialtie and paine, did honor him with titles aboue
others of his time: (in humble and seemely sort, I speake it
without comparison) who euery way was more fit for the
dignitie he bare, and more complet to accomplish them:
whereof the Libellor could not be ignoraunt, but that too
much yeelding to his malice, he sought to slaunder this nota-
ble testimonie of his Excellencie.

Such rather woulde I iudge ambitious, as for promoti-
ons whether Ecclesiasticall or Temporall, hauing once con-
ceiued a hope of greatnesse, without regard of conscience or
Countrie, with voluntarie hazarde of all things pursue the