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The dead mans Right.

Written vpon the death of the Right Honorable the
Earle of Leicester.

I T is not vnknowne how wicked Libel-
lors haue most odiouslye sought the
slander of our wise, graue, and Hono-
rable superiours: + diuulging defamato-
rie Libels, so full of immodest railings
and audacious lies, as no indifferent
Reader but may easily discouer their
enuie, and iudge of the veritie: The
Authors whereof, though in the quali-
tie of their offence (tending wholie to sedition) they haue
woorthily deserued death, yet the substance of their Pam-
phlets haue not merited answere.

For want whereof some as euill affected as themselues, to
whose hands mostly such bookes haue come, are flattered
with a poore aduantage, imputing the wise and silent disge-
sting of such inhonest and scurilous cartels to their guil-
tinesse: when (simple as they are) who is else so foolish as
knoweth not if all diuulged were true, how easily Authori-
tie might excuse them, hauing pens and Presses at comman-
dement, and power to patronize: Much more when so vn-
true as themselues ashamed of their falshoodes, dare not
auouch them vnder their owne names being without reach
and feare of Authoritie.

Amongst others, whose Honors these intemperate railors
haue sought to scandalize, none haue more vildly bin slan-
dered than the late deceased Earle, the godly, loiall, wise, and
graue Earle of Leicester: Against whom (void of all iust touch